WFMK magnetic filter cartridges

WFMK-Magnetic-Filter-Cartridges for cartridge filter housings

WFMK magnetic filter cartridges

WFMK-Magnetic-Filter-Cartridges for separation of ferrite particles are manufac-tured in two sizes of 10“ and 20“ length, suitable for cartridge filter housings with 222 plugs. The installation into the housings is made according to filter cartridges with 222-adapter and double-o-rings. The redirection tube ensures that the liquid flows along the whole length of the magnetic insert and thereby separates the ferrite particles more efficiently.

For removal of the separated ferrite particles the redirection tube can be dismounted from the the magnetic insert. Another advantage of the WFMK-Magnet-Filter-Cartridges is, that the Noedym-Magnets can be provided in two different diameters. The field strength of the used Neodym-Magnets is 1,2 Tesla or 12.000 Gauss. The support construction and the redirection tube is made from stainless steel AISI 304. For all cartridge filter housings or non-company housings appropriate custom made versions can be supplied.

Technical Data


Stainless steel AISI304
O-Rings: Viton

Filed strength

1,2 Tesla (12.000 Gauss)


see table Dimensions


max. 100°C

Flow rate

The flow rate correlates to the nominal diameter of the housing connection and the flow rate of the next filter step.

Features and Benefits

  • Two sizes for Cartridge Filter Housings of 10“ and 20“ length
  • Two different Magnet-diameters
  • With 222-adapter and double-o-rings
  • With redirection tube for more efficient separation of the ferrite particles and easy removal of the collected particles.
  • Field strength 1,2 Tesla ( 12.000 Gauss )
  • Support construction made from AISI 304
  • Special custom versions for cartridge filter housings or non-company housings can be supplied


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