SRF wedge wire cartridges

SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges, cleanable sieve elements

SRF wedge wire cartridges

SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges are distinguishable for their toughness as well as chemical- and thermal durability. SRF Wedge wire filter cartridges are very robust and multi-functional sieve elements. During the manufacture of the SRF Wedge wire filter cartridge a v-structured profile-wire is wound in a spiralmanner around a longitudinal profile and inductively welded together at the cross-points. This process guarantees high pressure stability. In this regard wedge wire filter cartridges are easy to reverse-flush. Typical applications are to be found in the food industry, and especially where other filter materials cannot be applied due to thermal- or chemical limitations.

Technical Data

Filter medium

Stainless steel 1.4435

End cap

Stainless steel 1.4435


PTFE gaskets

Filter ration

25 – 1.000 μm

Filter area

500 cm²/10“


From 4 7/8“ to 40“


Internal Ø 27 mm
External Ø 65 mm


Max. 230 ̊C

Differential pressure

Max. 10 bar

Features and Benefits

  • Cleanable wedge wire cartridges made of stainless steel
  • Filter rations from 25 μm to 1.000 μm
  • Excellent reverse-flushing
  • High pressure stability
  • Rigid construction for high differential pressures
  • Lengths from 4 7/8“ to 40“
  • Gaskets made from PTFE
  • Temperature-durable up to 230 ̊C


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