F40 sieve cartridges

F40 Sieve cartridges, cleanable nylon screens with support

F40 sieve cartridges

Cleanable nylon screens with Polypropylene support and flat-seals. Due to a screw-on end cap the sieve element can easily be taken out and rinsed manually. Due to special intermediate adapters it is possible to connect two sieve elements with two supports, creating a 19 1/2“- and 20“ long sieve filter. F40 Nylonsieves are colour coded according to filter ration.

F40 Sieve filters are suited for a vast range of applications to retain coarser particles from aqueous mediums or to function as a pre-filter in order to protect downstream pumps, valves or spray nozzles.

Technical Data

Filter medium

Nylon screen



End cap



Buna N

Intermediate adapter


Filter ration

50, 100, 150, 200, 350 μm


9 ¾“, 19 ½“, 20“


Internal 26 mm
External 67 mm


Max. 80 ̊C

Differential pressure

Max. 2,5 bar

Features and Benefits

  • Cleanable, removable nylon sieve elements
  • Fixed Polypropylene support
  • Filter ration colour coded
  • End caps are screw-ons
  • Can be lengthened up to 19 ½“ or 20“ with intermediate adapters
  • Robust assembly for high differential pressures


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