WF-Junior Pleated cartridges are best suited for small-volume filtration. Available filter materials are polypropylene-micro-fiber, hydrophilic PES Membranes or hydrophobic PTFE Membranes. As a speciality WF-Junior cartridges can also be offered made entirely of stainless steel with stainless steel mesh. These are then not pleated, but cylindrically wound around a perforated core. WF-Junior Pleated cartridges feature an external diameter of 56 mm and are available in two different lengths of 76 mm and 138 mm. The internal o-ring is made of viton, silicon or EPDM and functions as a mount and seal on a housing protrusion with a 19 mm diameter.

Due to their overall size, WF-Junior Pleated cartridges must be built into corresponding WF-Junior filter housings. These housings are available made of polypropylene, PVDF or stainless steel.

Technical Data

Filter medium

WFPPA-PP-micro fiber
WFPES-PES Membrane, hydrophilic
WFPTFE-PTFE Membrane, hydrophobic
MS-Stainless steel mesh

Cage support

Polypropylene, or stainless steel for stainless steel reinforcement


EPDM (silicon, viton, FEP-encapsulated)

Filter ration

WFPPA-PP-felt: 0.2 – 70 μm
WFPES-PES Membrane, hydrophilic: 0.04 – 1.2 μm
WFPTFE-PTFE Membrane, hydrophobic: 0.05 – 1.0 μm
MS-Stainless steel reinforcement: 2 μm – 100 μm

Filter area

2,5“: 1200 cm² (stainless steel reinforcement 110 cm²)
5“: 2400 cm² (stainless steel reinforcement 220 cm²)


Max. 80 ̊C

Sterilisation Steam

121 ̊C, 30 min

Hot water

90 ̊C, 30 min

Differential pressure

Max. 5 bar at 20 ̊C


2.5“: diameter 56 mm x 76 mm
5“: diameter 56 mm x 138 mm
Internal diameter: 19 mm

Features and Benefits

  • Small overall size, low volume
  • Internal o-ring to mount
  • Available in two different lengths: 2.5“ and 5“
  • External diameter 56 mm
  • Pleated cartridge with PP-micro-fiber, PES Membrane or PTFE Membrane
  • Stainless steel element with stainless steel mesh


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