Pleated & Membrane Filter Cartridges

Pleated Cartridges

Pleated cartridges are surface filters with a large filter area, which results from the pleated filter material. They are especially well-suited for filtering out solid particles from aqueous suspensions, acids and lyes at low differential pressures.

Membrane Filter Cartridges

Our membrane filter cartridges are manufactured to the highest standard of quality. Hydrophilic polyethersulfone membranes are especially suited for filtering aqueous solutions; hydrophobic PTFE membranes are required for solvents, non-aqueous chemicals, sterile tank ventilation and similar applications.

WF-Junior Elements and WF-Capsule

Junior elements are simply a smaller version of conventional pleated fiber cartridges or MS-Stainless-Steelcartridges and therefore ideal for low flow rate and low volume applications.

WF-Capsule are suitable for low flow rates and for applications that require a closed, ready-to-use filter unit for cleanness and hygiene or toxicity reasons. WF-Capsule consist of a stable PP-shell with inside pleated cartridge made from Polypropylene-micro-fiber (WFPPA), Polyethersulfone-membrane (WFPES) or PTFE-membrane (WFPTFE).