Double-layered pleated cartridge made entirely of polypropylene


WFPPA Pleated cartridges are fitted with a double-layered filter medium made of polypropylene, allowing absolute filter rations of 99.9 % particle retention. The pleat-structured surface provides a filter area of more then 0,5 m²/10“. WFPPA Pleated cartridges are manufactured in clean room conditions, adhering tothe USP Class VI and FDA CFR Title 21 criteria. All components are made of polypropylene, thermic-welded and do not contain binding agents, adhesives or additives. Positive characteristics of WFPPA Pleated cartridges are a long service life, a high dirt-hold capacity and a low differential pressure, especially for filtering out impurities such as solid particles.

Technical Data

Filter medium

100 % polypropylene

Core support


Adapter and cage support


Filter ration

0.2 – 70 μm

Filter surface area

> 0.5m²/10“


Max. 80 ̊C

Differential pressure

Max. 4,9 bar at 20 ̊C
Max. 1,4 bar at 80 ̊C
Filter change recommended at 2,5 bar


Internal diameter 27,5 mm
External diameter 68 mm
Lengths 5“ – 40“

Features and Benefits

  • Double-layered filter medium 0.2μm - 70μm
  • Filter surface > 0,5m²/10“
  • Absolute efficiency of filtration rate
  • 100 % PP, thermic-bound
  • Does not contain binding agents, adhesives or additives
  • Long service life, high dirt-retention capacity
  • Low differential pressure, high transfer rate, high flow rate
  • USP Class VI and FDA CFR21 Certificate
  • Food Contact Declaration
  • ROHS-Declaration


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