WFGFAW-Glass-fiber pleated cartridge with Polyester cage support and Polyester adapter


WFGFAW-Glass-fiber pleated cartridges are equipped with Polyester cage support and Polyester adapter. The Glass-fiber-micro-media is provided with a mesh support and drainage from Polyester media. All material components are thermal bonded without the use of adhesives or binders. The available micron ratings are 1μm, 3μm, 5μm, 10μm and 25μm with absolute retention efficiencies. The common adapter configurations type DOE, Code 0, Code 5 and Code 7 are deliverable in the length of 5“ to 40“. WFGFAW-Glass-fiber pleated cartridges are specially drawn up to meet the requirements for all general filtration applications in connection with high temperatures and solvent based cleaning agents.

Technical Data

Filter medium

Glass-fiber micro media with polyester support mesh

Cage support


Adapter, end cap



FKM. Please see order information for options

Filter ration

1 μm, 3 μm 5 μm, 10 μm, 25 μm absolute

Filter surface area

0.4 m2 / 10“


max. 120°C

Differential pressure

max. 2,5 bar at 120°C
Filter exchange recommended at 1.5 bar


Internal diameter 30 mm
External diameter 68 mm
Lengths 5“ - 40“

Recommended flow rate

max. 25 l/min ( 1.5 m3/h ) in reference to 10“ filter cartridge-length

Features and Benefits

  • Glass-fiber pleated cartridges with absolute retention efficiencies from 1 μm to 25 μm
  • End caps and adapters from Polyester
  • Support mesh made from Polyester
  • All material components thermal bonded without the use of adhesives or binders
  • Long service life, high dirt hold capacity, high flow rate, low differential pressure


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