WFPES PES Membrane filter cartridge made of polyether sulphone, hydrophilic


WFPES PES Membrane filter cartridges with hydrophilic polyether sulphone membranes can be delivered in filter rations of 0.04 μm to 1.2 μm. The highly porous, asymmetrical PES-membrane is processed in clean rooms without the use of additives or surface-active substances. All components such as core support, adapter and end caps are made of polypropylene and are FDA-certified like the PES membrane material. WFPES Membrane filter cartridges can be sterilised and are integrity-testable. They can be delivered in the preflushed or integrity-tested version.

Technical Data

Filter medium

Polyether sulphone

Core support


Adapter and cage support


Filter ration

0.04 – 1.2 μm

Filter surface

0.55 m²/10“


Max. 80 ̊C


Autoclav: 121 ̊C, 30 min, 10x


121 ̊C, 30 min, 10x

Hot water

80 ̊C, 30 min, 30x

Differential pressure

Max. 5.5 bar at 20 ̊C
Max. 1,7 bar at 80 ̊C
Filter change recommended at 1,5 bar


Internal diameter 28 mm
External diameter 69 mm
Lengths 5“ – 40“

Features and Benefits

  • Hydrophilic, highly porous PES Membrane
  • Asymmetrical, mirror image pore-structure
  • Filter area 0.55 sq. m/10“
  • Integrity testable and can be sterilised
  • Contains no silicone, binding agent or adhesive
  • Long service life, high dirt-retention capacity
  • Low differential pressure, high flow rate capacity
  • FDA certified, manufactured in the clean room
  • Food Contact Declaration
  • REACH-Declaration


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