QP-Quick-Pack filter system

QP-Quick-Pack filter system

The QP-Quick-Pack Filter System is an innovative, enclosed filter unit with protective bag and is suitable for all applications which desire an enclosed, ready-to-use unit for reasons of user-safety, cleanness, hygiene and toxicity.

The QP-Quick-Pack Filter System consists of a stable PP-adapter with manifold, inlet and outlet ports and a double layered protective bag with filter cartridges located inside. Because of the protective bag the liquid which has to be filtered does not come into contact with the housing and protects the user of a direct contact to the liquid during filter exchange.

QP-Quick-Packs are installed into corresponding WTQP-stainless steel housings and sealed by special unions at their inlet and outlet port. The QP-Quick-Packs are manufactured with 1, 3 or 7 filter cartridges and in the lengths of 5“ to 30“ and inside can be equipped with different types of filter cartridges.

Technical Data


Adapter: Polypropylene / Protective Bag: Polyethylene or Polyamid


CP2: Depth filter made of PP-Bi-component fiber
CP: PP/PE-Depth filter, nominal
CPH: Polyester-Depth filter, nominal
BM: PP-depth filter, absolute

Filter ration

CP2: 1 - 350 μm, nominal
CP: 1 - 200 μm, nomnal
CPH: 1 - 50 μm, nominal
BM: 1 - 15 μm, absolute


max. 40°C


max. 10 bar (with WTQP-Filter Housing)

Differential pressure

max. 3 bar at 20°C
max. 1,4 bar at 40°C Recommended filter exchange at 1,5 bar


Outside diameter:
QP1: 91 mm
QP3: 173 mm
QP7: 236 mm

QP1: 5“ (190 mm), 10“ (316 mm), 20“ (566 mm)
QP3: 10” (343 mm), 20” (593 mm), 30” (843 mm)
QP7: 10” (371 mm), 20” (621 mm), 30” (871 mm)


Inlet / outlet:
QP1: R½“
QP3: R1“
QP7: R1¼“

Compressed air: R1/8” inside thread
Grounding straps: 6 mm

Flow rate

The flow rate correlates to the nominal diameter of the housing connection and the flow rate of the installed filter cartridges.

Features and Benefits

  • Enclosed, ready-to-use filter unit
  • Double protective bag with manifold adapter
  • Clean, hygienic handling
  • Three sizes, each in different lengths
  • Can be equipped with different filter cartridges


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