Master-Groove Depth filter with 2 filter layers made entirely of polypropylene


The WFMG Master Groove depth filter cartridge is a clarification cartridge with 2 filtration stages. The outer filter stage is the coarser filter stage and serves to sepa-rate the coarser impurities. The filter stage on the inside is the finer filter stage and serves to separate the finer impurities.
This means that particle fractions of different sizes can be retained in the respective
filter layers. The distinctive, name-giving grooves on the surface of the WFMG Master Groove depth filter cartridge fix the PP fibres on the outside and prevent the fibres from being discharged.
The special depth filter structure with extremely good fibre bonding results in a very
strong filter matrix that can withstand extra high differential pressures without particlebreakthroughs. The 2-layer filter graduation increases the dirt-holding capacity.

WFMG Master Groove depth filter cartridges offer special advantages for the filtration of viscous and highly viscous liquids with a wide range of impurities

Technical Data

Filter medium


Core support


Adapter and end cap


Filter ration

1 – 100 μm, nominal


max. 80°C

Differential pressure

max. 4.2 bar at 20°C
max. 2.1 bar at 60°C
Filter change recommended at 1.5 bar


Internal diameter 28 mm
External diameter 63 mm
Lengths 4 7/8“ – 40“

Features and Benefits

  • Clarification cartridge with 2 filter stages
  • Distinctive Master-Groove surface
  • Completely made of PP
  • Solid filter matrix due to extremely good fibre bonding
  • Stable particle retention rate even at high differential pressures
  • Increased dirt holding capacity due to 2-layer filter gradation
  • No fibre release
  • No use of binders
  • Wide chemical resistance
  • Low pressure drop, high flow rates
  • Long filter life
  • NSF42 and FDA CRF21 certificate
  • Food Contact Declaration
  • REACH Declaration
  • RoHS Declaration


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