Depth filter with 4 filter layers made entirely of polypropylene with 20 % recycled content


The WFMBR melt-blow cartridge with 20 % recycled content is manufactured in the melt-blow process whereby four different spray nozzles are used to combine fine and coarse continuous fibers to form a multilayer structure. The fine layers are situated on the inside of the depth filter structure; the coarse layers on the outside. Due to this four-level gradiation coarse particles are retained in the outer layers and finer particles in the inner layers. This construction ensures a long service life, high dirt-retention capacity and low differential pressures.

The WFMBR melt-blow cartridge can be delivered optionally with open ends on both sides or with the standard adapter constructions.

Technical Data

Filter medium

100 % polypropylene with 20 % recycled content

Core support


Adapter and end cap


Filter ration

0.5 – 100 μm nominal


Max. 80 ̊C

Differential pressure

Max. 3,2 bar at 20 ̊C
Max. 1,8 bar at 60 ̊C
Filter change recommended at 1,5 bar


Internal diameter 28 mm
External diameter:
Standard version: 63 mm
Big version: 110 mm
Lengths 4 7/8“ – 40“

Features and Benefits

  • 4-layered construction from coarse to fine
  • 100 % polypropylene with 20 % recycled content
  • Contains no binding agent or adhesive
  • Melt-blow continuous fiber, thermally bound
  • Long service life, high dirt-retention capacity
  • Low differential pressure
  • DOE or with Adapter Code 0, Code 5, Code 7, Code 8
  • Big version with outer Ø 110 mm
  • NSF42 and FDA CFR 21 Certificate
  • Food Contact Declaration
  • REACH-Declaration
  • RoHS-Declaration


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