Depth filters made of phenolic-resin with acrylic fibers


The ProBond Depth filter cartridge with a nominal filtration rate has a two-stage construction. An outer, spiral-form filter-layer, serves as a pre-filter. The inner, finer filter layer define the actual filter ration. Due to the use of long, phenolic-resin impregnated acrylic fibers the ProBond possesses a stable filter structure and permits construction without a core support. ProBond Depth filter cartridges contain no silicon and are therefore especially suited for simple filtration uses or pre-filter applications of paints and varnishes. The two-stage construction as well as the depth filter configuration guarantees a long service life, high dirt-retention capacity and low differential pressure.

Technical Data

Filter medium

Phenolic-resin with acrylic fibres

Core support


Adapter and basket support


Filter ration

2 – 125 μm


Max. 121 ̊C

Differential pressure

Max. 10 bar at 21 ̊C
Max. 1,7 bar at 121 ̊C
Filter change recommended at 3,5 bar


Internal diameter 28,5 mm
External diameter 65 mm
Lengths 4 7/8“ – 40“

Features and Benefits

  • Depth filter containing no silicone and without a supporting core
  • Two-stage construction including pre-filter and post-filter
  • High-grade, long fibrous acrylic material
  • Phenolic-resin-bound, consistent filter structure
  • High dirt-retention capacity
  • Low differential pressure, high flow rate


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