Depth filter made of polyester


The CPH Depth filter cartridge consists of 100 % polyester fibres, therefore retaining an excellent chemical resistance to solvents. The thermal durability ranges to 120 ̊C. The CPH Depth filter cartridge is equipped with an ultrapure and exceptionally compact filter matrix and guarantees repeatable filtercharacteristics for high quality applications. CPH Depth filter cartridges can also be delivered with an adapter and end caps made of polyester Code 3, Code 8 and Code 7. Additional outstanding CHP Depth filter cartridge characteristics are a high flow rate as well as a long service life.

Technical Data

Filter medium

100 % polyester fibres

Core support


Adapter and end cap


Filter ration

1 – 50 μm, nominal


Max. 120 ̊C

Differential pressure

Max. 5,5 bar at 20 ̊C
Max. 2,5 bar at 80 ̊C
Filter change recommended at 1,5 bar


Internal diameter 28 mm
External diameter 68 mm
Lengths 4 7/8“ – 40“

Features and Benefits

  • 100 % polyester
  • Polyester adapter and end caps Code 3, Code 8, Code 7 deliverable
  • Excellent solvent durability
  • High temperature durability
  • Compact filter matrix due to polyester fibres
  • No use of binding agents
  • Low pressure loss, high flow capacity
  • Long filter service life
  • FDA-Certificate
  • Food Contact Declaration
  • RoHS-Declaration


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