BM-Depth filter cartridge made of ultrafine PP-Bi-component-fibers


The BM-Depth filter cartridge consists of 100% ultrafine Polypropylene-Bi-component-fibers which are thermally bonded together at their cross points. The attained ultra pure and exceptionally compact filter matrix assures a repetitious and absolute accuracy of filtration characteristics for top quality applications. The BM-filter cartridge is a typical depth filter with an absolute and graded density pore structure and finer filter ration from the outside to the inside. The stable depth filter structure assures secure particle retention over the whole life time even at high ranges of differential pressure.

Technical Data

Filter medium

100% ultrafine Polypropylene-Bi-componenten-fiber

Core support


Adapter and end caps


Filter ration

1 - 15 μm, absolute


max. 80°C

Differential pressure

max. 5.5 bar at 20°C
max. 2.5 bar at 80°C
Recommended filter exchange at 1,5 bar


Internal diameter 29 mm
External diameter 67 mm
Lengths 4 7/8“ - 40“

Features and Benefits

  • Absolute rating
  • Compact filter matrix due to ultrafine PP-Bi-component-fibers
  • Fibers bonded thermally at the cross points
  • From outside to inside graded density pore structure
  • No loss of fibers• No use of binding agents
  • Wide chemical compatibility
  • Stable particle retention efficiency even at high ranges of differential pressure
  • FDA-compliant
  • Food contact declaration
  • RoHS-Declaration


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