Centrifugal Separators and Band Filters

Centrifugal Separators

To separate solid particles from aqueous mediums, Wolftechnik centrifugal separators take advantage of the differing densities of the two. The inside of the separator is specially shaped to make the medium circulate around it. The resulting centrifugal forces act more strongly on the particles to be eliminated and enable efficient separation of them. Wolftechnik centrifugal separators are especially well-suited for removing hard, solid particles of sand, glass and metal.

Additional components

Band Filters

UVF universal belt filters and TBF Drop center paper band filter are universally deployable felt filter units for the separation of hard substances from aqueous mediums. Band filters are equipped with an automatic paper transport and, depending on the equipment, with a clean chamber and return pump. Due to the force of gravity the contaminated liquid from the inlet range runs through the filter felt into the clean-chamber. The filter felt is laterally cleanly bound and sealed to avoid an overflow of the contaminated liquids over the sides into the clean-chamber.

In Wolftechnik’s TBF deep-bed filters and UVF universal belt filters, WFV filter fleece rolls are used. There are four different filter fleece types available for optimum matching to the solids to be separated as well as to the existing liquid system.