WFV Filter Fleece Rolls

WFV Filter Fleece Rolls for Belt Filter Systems

WFV Filter Fleece Rolls

There are four different filter fleece types available for optimum matching to the solids to be separated as well as to the existing liquid system. Filter fleeces for surface filtration are FDU, which is produced in a melt fibre process from PP and PET, and FLI, which is produced in a chemical binding process from viscose.

Filter fleeces for depth filtration are the FLO, produced from PET in a thermal binding process, and the likewise thermally bonded, but additionally needled FKI made from viscose/PET fibre blend.

FDU, FLI, FLO and FKI are available in each case in different grades, which can be differentiated according to weight in gr/m. All filter fleeces are rolled up into rolls. Usual roll widths are between 500 mm and 1300 mm. The standard length of the filter fleeces per roll range from 50 m up to 200 m. Special widths and lengths can be supplied on request.

Technical Data

Filter medium

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20 gr/m up to 200 gr/m


PP: max. 80°C, PET: max. 95°C, CV: max. 95°C


Width: 500 mm up to 1300 mm
Length: 50 m up to 200 m
(Special widths and lengths can be supplied on request)

Features and Benefits

  • Four different filter fleece types in terms of manufacturing process
  • FDU and FLI for surface filtration
  • FLO and FKI for depth filtration
  • All filter fleece types in different grades in terms of weight in gr/m
  • Filter fleece roll widths from 500 mm to 1300 mm
  • Filter fleece lengths per roll of 50 m to 200 m
  • Special widths and lengths can be supplied on request.


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