WTBKF Bag-Cartridge Filter Housing Combo filter for filter bags and filter cartridges


WTBKF Bag-Cartridge Filter Housing made from stainless steel are manufactured in two assemly sizes. The WTBKF85 can either be used with a filter bag size 2 or with 5x30“ filter cartridges code 5, the WTBKF40 with a filter bag size 1 or 5x20“ filter cartridges code 5. Therefore a stainless steel mesh-wire basket with spring supported press-on-device is placed inside of the housing to accept the filter bags.When removing the mesh-wire basket, filter cartridges can be pushed into the adapter plate below. WTBKF Bag-Cartridge Filter Housings are provided with the well-proved hinged cover made from casted stainless steel. This offers additional comfort by its easy handling. An other important feature of the WTHKE-Cartridge Filter Housings is the fact, that the position, type and size of the inlet and outlet connections are vari-able and are only manufactured at time of and according to customer specification. WTBKF Bag-Cartridge Filter Housings can be supplied with stainless steel strainer baskets or with our special LUPUS®II-system. As accessories for all versions a vent-pressure-gauge-unit, a volume-reducer and a magneticinsert can be delivered. For installation of the WTBKF-Bag-Cartridge Filter Housings a tripod leg, three welded legs or the innovative, space-saving socket can be used.

Technical Data


Housing: Stainless Steel 1.4404/1.4571
Installations: Stainless Steel 1.4404/1.4571
Basket: Stainless steel 1.4401
O-rings: Viton (optional Viton-FEP-encapsulated, EPDM, Silicone)

In- / Outlet

Position, type and size according to customer specification


2 x ¼“ internal thread


2 x ½“ internal thread for version „SS“ and „SD“
1 x ½“ internal thread for version „SU“

Filter bags

see table

Filter cartridges

see table


max. 10bar


max. 95°C

Flow rate

The maximum flow rate correlates to the nominal diameter of the housing connection and the characteristic curve of the flow rate of the chosen filter element.

Features and Benefits

  • Combo filter for filter bags and filter cartridges
  • WTBKF85 with 0.5 m² with filter bags or 5x30“ with filter cartridgesWTBKF40 with 0.25 m² with filter bags or 5x20“ with filter cartridges
  • Fits with strainer baskets or our special LUPUS®II-system
  • Well-proved, comfortable, hinged cover made from cated stainless steel
  • Housing and installations made from 1.4404 / 1.4571
  • Position, type and size of the connections according to customer specification
  • Welded legs or with innovative, space-saving socket
  • Wide range of accessories like vent-pressure-gauge-unit, tripod leg, volume-reducer or magnetic insert


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