WTBF PP and PVDF Bag filter housings made of polypropylene


Wolftechnik bag filter housings can be manufactured entirely from plastic. They are available in three flow-rate-graded assembly sizes with filter areas from 0.1 m2 and 0.5 m2. All medium-contacting parts in the standard version come in polypropylene with Viton O-Rings. Other materials for the housings (e.g. PVDF, PVC or PE) and for the O-Rings are also available. The housings are closed with stud bolts and star grips. Internally the housing is equipped with a press-on device and a pressure basket. The Wolftechnik bag filter housing connections can be delivered with GF srew connection as well as with a loose flange. The size and position of the connec-tions can be adjusted according to customer specifications. Additional double filter housings made of plastic are equipped with three-way-ball-valves. This enablesa parallel or single operation of the housings. During large product-charging or for continues operation it is possible to filtrate using only one housing, during which a filter change can be applied to the other housing. If the filter of the first housing clogs up, it is easy to switch to the second filter without disturbing the filtration process. The double filters can also be equipped with a feed-pump. The feed-pump, together with the double filter, is then attached onto a polypropylene pallet and completely tubed.

Technical Data


Housing: PP
Basket: PP
O-Ring: Viton


Size, type and position per request


½“ internal thread


½“ internal thread

Filter bag

See table



Differential pressure

Max. 2.5 bar


Max. 5 bar @ 30°C, with cover reinforcement max. 6 bar/ 30°C


Max. 50°C @ 3 bar, with cover reinforcement max. 60°C @ 3 bar

Flow rate

The maximum flow rate correlates to the nominal diameter of the housing connection and the characteristic curve of the flow rate of the chosen filter bag.

Features and Benefits

  • Made entirely of polypropylene
  • Filter area 0.1 m2, 0.25 m2and 0.5 m2
  • In- and outlet with flange connection or GF screw connection
  • Size and location of in- and outlet according to assembly requirements
  • Cover reinforcement up to 6 bar @ 30ºC or 60ºC @ 3 bar


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