PBH Bag filter housings made of plastic


PBH Bag filter housings are polypropylene constructions manufactured in the injectionmoulding procedure with 1“ or 1½“ connections. Two overall lengths are available, of which the inserted filter bags exhibit filter surfaces of 0.07 m2 and 0.16 m2. PBH Bag filter housings are hanging constructions, built intothe piping, whereby the in- and outlet are accommodated in the filter head. The lower part can be unscrewed downwards and removed. A supporting basket on the inside made of polypropylene provides the necessary differential pressure stability of the filter bags. PBH Bag filter housings can be equipped with filter bags made of nylon mesh or made of polypropylene felt. Thus the possible filter rations are about 1 μm to 800 μm.

Technical Data


Head: Polypropylene, black
Lower part: Polypropylene, blue
O-Ring: Buna, Viton, EPDM


1“, 1½“ internal thread

Filter bag

BP410, BP420, BN410, BN420

Filter area

BP410/BN410: 0.07 m2, BP420/BN420: 0.16 m2


Max. 7 bar @ 20ºC


Max. 40ºC @ 3 bar

Flow rate

The maximum flow rate correlates to the nominal diameter of the housing connection and the characteristic curve of the flow rate of the chosen filter element.

Features and Benefits

  • Bag filter housings made of plastic
  • Made entirely of polypropylene
  • With polypropylene bags or nylon bags
  • Filter area 0.07 m2 or 0.16 m2
  • Inline alignment of in- and outlet
  • Hanging installation of housing
  • Easy filter exchange due to removable lower part


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