WFB-2IP Filter bag, pleated

Double-layer filter bag with internal pleats

WFB-2IP Filter bag, pleated

WFB-2IP Filter bags are supplied with a double-layer filter media made from polypropylene felt or Polyester felt. WFB-2IP Filter bags are manufactured exclusively in size 1 and in size 2, with its internal pleats, show a filter surface area of 0,5 m² and 1,0 m². The double filter surface area compared to common filter bags!

All components are carefully processed, the filter media is ultrasonic-welded at the collar ring seal and at the bottom. For safe sealing the WFB-2IP Filter bags come with our new improved collar seal ring with additional, soft sealing lip on the top and with the unchanged, proven sealing towards the restrainer basket on the bottom.

Like all our filter bags they own all important certificates for the contact with food, for industrial applications like paint and coatings or parts-cleaning-plants.

WFB-2IP Filter bags with single-layer pleats are designed to extend the filter life time and improve the filtrate quality compared to common filter bags.

Technical Data

Filter media

PO-felt: Polypropylene
PE-felt: Polyester

Collar ring seal

P: Polypropylene
PE: Polyester
L: stainless steel AISI304


Size 1: 8l
Size 2: 17l

Filter ration

1 - 100 μm

Filter surface area

Size 1: 0,5 m²
Size 2: 1,0 m²


PO: max. 75°C
PE: max. 100°C

Differential pressure

max. 3 bar @ 20°C
Filter exchange recommended @ 1,5 bar


Size 1: Ø180mm x 432mm
Size 2: Ø180mm x 813mm

Flow rate

Size 1: max. 10m³/h referring to water
Size 2: max. 20m³/h referring to water

Features and Benefits

  • Double-layer filter media
  • Internal pleated
  • 0,5m² and1.0m² filter surface area
  • Double filter surface area
  • Exclusively in size 1 and size 2
  • Longer filter life time
  • Polypropylene-felt with polypropylene-collar ring seal
  • Polyester-felt with Polyester-collar ring seal
  • Collar ring seal and bottom ultrasonic-welded
  • Food Contact Declaration
  • ROHS-Declaration
  • REACH-Declaration


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