LUPUS®II Filter elements

LUPUS®II Filter elements

Lupus®II-Filter elements for bag filter housings offer totally new perspectives regarding filter quality and filter service life in comparison to standard filter bags. Usually Lupus®II-Filter elements can be placed into the existing bag filter housings size 1 and 2 without removing the filter basket or an adapter piece can be offered suitable to the brand. According to the filtration application different types of filter media are available for the Lupus®II-Filter elements. They can be equipped with depth filter media, pleated filter media or multilayer-pleated media. To separate ferrite particles a magnet bar can additionally be assembled at the handle of the adapter.

All components of the Lupus®II-Filter elements are thermic-welded and are manufactured without the use of adhesives

Technical Data


PP (Polypropylene) or PBT (Polyester)

End cap

PP (Polypropylene) or PBT (Polyester)

Available filter media

WFMB: PP-Depth media (1 μm to 100 μm nominal)
WFCP: PP/PE-Depth media (1μm to 100 μm nominal)
WFCPH: Polyester-Depth filter (1μm to 50 μm nominal)
WFMLP: PP-Multilayer-pleated media (0.3 μm to 150 μm absolute)
WFGFAW: GF-Glassfibre-pleated media (1 μm to 25 μm absolute)

Filter rations

0.5 μm to 100 μm according to filter media


PP. max. 60°C
PBT: max. 90°C

Differential pressure

max. 2,5 bar at 20°C
Recommended filter exchange at 1,5 bar


Size 1: Ø183 mm x 290 mm length
Size 2: Ø183 mm x 610 mm length

Recommended flow rate

Size 1: max. 10 m³/h
Size 2: max. 20 m³/h

Features and Benefits

  • Reserve filter bag to extend service life or increase filtration quality
  • Optionally with depth filter media, pleated filter media or multilayer-pleated media
  • Usually can be placed directly into existing bag filter housing
  • Additional magnet bar to separate ferrite particles
  • All components thermic-welded and manufactured without the use of adhesives.


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