DMfit tube connectors, valves and in-line filters

The push-fit connectors made from Delrin acetal for metric plastic tubes are available as standard tube connectors and also as connectors equipped with ball valves, needle valves, check valves and in-line filters. Given the huge variety of connectors in L, Y, T and X shapes, the DMfit series offers an impressive range of connecting options for plastic tubes with nominal diameters of 4mm to 12mm. In addition, the DMfit connectors are available as tube-to-tube couplings and adapters with female and male threads.
To connect the tube ends, simply push them into the connector port. The tube ends can at any time be disconnected. An O-ring between the tube and the outer part of the connector provides a reliable seal. The tube end is kept in its position by a barbed stainless steel retaining ring, preventing inadvertent disconnection. To open the connection, simply hold the stainless steel retaining ring by its outer plastic collar and pull the tube from the push-fit connector.