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Separation Rumour 023*

19 billion kilometres apart… For almost a year we were unable to receive a signal from the Voyager 2 space probe because the antenna had to be serviced on Earth. Now there is a signal again from the NASA probe, which is almost 19 billion kilometres away from Earth. The message has to travel quite a long distance. It takes a whole 17 hours and 35 minutes to get from Earth to the probe. On the night of Valentine's Day 14 to 15 February 2021, Voyager 2 reported back and announced that everything was OK.

Voyager 2 had been launched 43 years ago, a few days before Voyager 1. After decades, they have passed the boundary of the heliosphere and are on their way to the stars in interstellar space. They will outlast us on Earth, because the probability of them encountering anything on their lonely way is almost zero. It’s crystal clear!


*wolftechnik specializes in the separation of solid and fluid substances. Under the topic „Separation Rumours“, we will provide you with entertaining and informative news, common lore and sometimes freely invented separation rumours – not only from wolftechnik.

LQ8 series

LQ-Series Extension: LQ8

The LQ series, which was developed specifically for liquid cooling of electronics, has a nominal size of 19mm with the new LQ8.

These easy-to-connect, robust, non-spill connectors are known for their reliability in high performance computing, data center applications and other critical thermal management applications. …[read more]

Differential pressure gauge WTDDM

Differential pressure gauge WTDDM

Simple and cost-effective monitoring of filtration

The differential pressure gauge WTDDM allows the indication of the differential pressure directly at the pressure vessel. By means of a built-in switch, the differential pressure manometer combines the advantages of the mechanical display with an electrical signal transmission. …[read more]

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