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Separation Rumour 020*

Inseparable: Easter and colourful painted eggs! The egg has always been a symbol of fertility, new life and rebirth in many cultures. Christianity has given this ancient symbolism a special meaning: The chick that hatches fresh from the egg commemorates Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday. That is why the egg is an important part of Easter for Christians. But how did it come to be painted in such a colourful way?

In the Middle Ages a strict Lent was observed from Ash Wednesday to Good Friday. During this period it was not allowed to eat eggs, because they, like meat, fell under the fasting commandment. But this did not impress the hens: they continued to lay their eggs eagerly.

Therefore, the eggs were boiled to make them keep longer. So that the "old" eggs could not be confused with the fresh ones after Lent, they were additionally coloured red. Only much later were the eggs also painted in other colours.

On Easter Sunday, after 40 days of fasting, one was finally allowed to eat eggs again. The eggs were first consecrated and then given away or eaten for breakfast. The tradition of egg colouring has remained with us until today. Colourful Easter eggs also have another advantage: You can find the hidden eggs much better! Happy Easter!


*wolftechnik specializes in the separation of solid and fluid substances. Under the topic „Separation Rumours“, we will provide you with entertaining and informative news, common lore and sometimes freely invented separation rumours – not only from wolftechnik.

AS depth filter element with 3D filter structure

AS depth filter element with 3D filter structure

The AS depth filter candle is a high-volume classification candle with a pore structure that remains constant from the outside to the inside.

It enables an extra high dirt holding capacity with high throughput without loss of the particle retention rate. …[read more]


General Catalogue 2020 and Program 2020 is available for download!

New catalogue and program

335 pages of detailed information about our new and proven products for solid/liquid separation and for plugging and connecting hoses.

Right in the newly designed front section you can read who is handling your enquiries, coordinating your order or is there for you if you wish to visit us on site.

In our PROGRAM 2020 our product range is available to you in a clearly arranged short form.

At our website in the download section you can download either the general catalogue 2020, the individual chapters or the program 2020. …[mehr]

Success needs strong partners: Our ERP, DMS and CRM system

In order to continue to develop successfully in the future, we rely on strong partners. We create a good basis for this by networking internal software with our ERP, DMS and CRM systems.

Our ERP, DMS and CRM system

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