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Separation Rumour 018*

Should we get rid of autumn leaves? Withered leaves tend to accumulate in the garden during the autumn. Grass needs light, and it is advisable to keep the lawn clear of fallen foliage. Leaves should also not be allowed to rot in a pond, and they pose an accident risk on paths and driveways. But what are we supposed to do with them? The collection sacks will be full at some point or other.

And yet there is no need to separate ourselves from autumn leaves. They can be very useful for animals, flowerbeds and plants. They offer protection and food for hibernating creatures under bushes, hedges and trees. These are favourite spots for sleeping hedgehogs. Foliage can also be spread on flowerbeds up to a depth of 5 centimetres if it is shredded with a lawnmower first. This lays the foundations for vigorous growth in the spring by protecting roots against frost damage, improving soil structure and adding new nutrients to the earth. It’s crystal clear.


*wolftechnik specializes in the separation of solid and fluid substances. Under the topic „Separation Rumours“, we will provide you with entertaining and informative news, common lore and sometimes freely invented separation rumours – not only from wolftechnik.

PLQ2 couplings

PLQ2 couplers. Now also in PPSU!

The PLQ2 series provides ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections that protect valuable electronics. Designed using a high-performance thermoplastic, the PLQ2 connector is lightweight, chemical resistant, UL94 V-0 flame retardant and easy to use—a perfect choice for liquid cooling of electronics applications. …[read more]

MC-SST and LC-SST couplings in stainless steel

MC-SST and LC-SST. Now also in Stainless Steel!

The proven MC and LC couplers made in chrome-plated brass now have an increase in stainless steel. In standard fitted with FKM-gaskets the new quick connectors MC-SST and LC-SST expand the options of application in special in the field of clean water, hygienic, medical devices and chemicals. …[more about MC-SST], …[more about LC-SST]

Young talent wanted

Young talent wanted.

In 2019, Wolftechnik again promoted young talent on the interkom training exchange. Whether a specialist for warehouse logistics, wholesale and foreign trade merchant, commercial specialist or dual studies in mechanical engineering and process engineering, of course everything (f/m/d).
Wolftechnik always has an open door for the next generation. A taster day can be arranged to get to know the company. In addition, Wolftechnik offers BORS and BOGY internships to students from various regional schools and also participates in Girls' Day for high school students.

Here is our training brochure: …[read more]

Weiler Cleanup Day 2019

Clean-Up Weil der Stadt.

The environment is important to us. The "Weiler Cleanup Day" was made possible by sponsors such as Wolftechnik, who were happy to participate, and so free pretzels and drinks for the children were available at the closing event. We want to motivate and reward the children. In addition the fun may not be missing with the thing. Therefore there was a bracelet with the imprint 1. Weiler Cleanup Day for everyone who took part. Afterwards a band played and the mayor thanked the students for their commitment. …[read more]

Greenteam - Formular Student Germany 2019

News from the Greenteam.

Review Form Student Germany 2019.

Three out of four events are now behind us. Seven days long our team members last week went to the static and dynamic disciplines of the Formula Student Germany and took part against 39 Electric and 17 driverless teams from around the world. At our home game we were able to welcome many sponsors and supporters as well as our family members and …[read more]

Am besten nichts durchlassen!

It's best not to let anything pass!

What’s "crystal clear " for our filter systems protects you from defeat in football and, with a little luck, usually helps you to succeed in the front: It´s best not to let anything pass!
As a permanent incentive to the footballers of Spvgg Weil der Stadt 1861 e.V. we have written it to the gang. Because a football match, like so much in life, is decided above all in the head.
We wish the teams from youth football to active players to the AH much success! …[read more]

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