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Separation Rumour 016*

Separation, or where it also must exist. Anyone who washes a laundry load that includes many different colours quickly realises how everything can all go wrong — because not all textiles are the same! Garments may become discoloured, or — washed at the wrong temperature — shrink. Your laundry can be separated according to various criteria:

According to type of textile: the textile’s composition determines the minimum and maximum temperatures that the laundry should be washed at.
According to colour: laundry items are separated by colour e.g. whites, coloureds, single-colours or black items.
According to wash temperature: often this is actually the most important criteria. Depending on the type of textile, some garments should only be washed at 30 degrees, or even only using the cold wash cycle. On the other hand, underwear and towels should be washed at 60 degrees if possible so that they get really hygienically clean. For us that’s all crystal clear!


*wolftechnik specializes in the separation of solid and fluid substances. Under the topic „Separation Rumours“, we will provide you with entertaining and informative news, common lore and sometimes freely invented separation rumours – not only from wolftechnik.

Industry 4.0 - Intelligent filter technology

Intelligent filter technology

At the end of May, the VDMA Baden-Württemberg, in cooperation with the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer IPA, extended an invitation to an event in Weil der Stadt, at the Wolftechnik Filtersysteme GmbH & Co. KG company. People responsible for the area of Industry 4.0 in companies were invited. They came from medium-sized, large and in some cases very large companies to find out about the smartification of components based on a case study of Wolftechnik Filtersysteme. …[read more]

Wolftechnik belt-filters und filter-fleece rolls:
Strong performance churning

UVF Universal Belt Filter

Wolftechnik belt filter: UVF

UVF universal belt filters are fleece filter systems that are used to separate solids from aqueous media. UVF universal belt filters are equipped with an automatic fleece transport system. This means that when the fleece filter reaches a maximum fill level in the inlet area, the system automatically conveys onwards. Depending on the equipment, the contaminated fleece filter is either rolled up at the end or conveyed to a dirt hopper. …[read more]

TBF Drop centre paper band filter

Wolftechnik paper band filter: TBF

TBF Drop center paper band filter are universally deployable felt filter units for the separation of hard substances from aqueous mediums. TBF Drop center paper band filters are equipped with an automatic paper transport and a dirt wiper blade attached to the decoiler barrel. Thus the filter felt is automatically clocked to reach a maximum level within the inlet range and rolled up on the decoiler barrel beneath it. …[read more]

WFV Filter Fleece Roll

Wolftechnik Filter Fleece Rolls: WFV

There are four different filter fleece types available for optimum matching to the solids to be separated as well as to the existing liquid system. Filter fleeces for surface filtration are FDU, which is produced in a melt fibre process from PP and PET, and FLI, which is produced in a chemical binding process from viscose.

Filter fleeces for depth filtration are the FLO, produced from PET in a thermal binding process, and the likewise thermally bonded, but additionally needled FKI made from viscose/PET fibre blend. …[read more]

Neues Hochregal-Lager

New high-bay warehouse at Wolftechnik

“Finally everything’s consolidated again”, say team leader Dieter Meschik and his co-workers in the warehouse happily. The new high bay warehouse offers space for around 150 pallets, which means that Wolftechnik’s external storage facility can finally be wound up, which had not only financial implications but also caused a great deal of logistical effort. “We can now warehouse items more manageably, access goods faster and use the work time we save to optimise our logistical processes. But that’s not all”, Mr Meschik adds. “At the end of the day, our customers are also able to get their goods more quickly. And that’s what counts!”.

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