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Separation Rumour 015*

A spring clean brings separation and declutter. Spring will soon be upon us. This is traditionally the time when people across the land will embark on an annual clean. However, as the first rays of sunshine appear, offices and factories will also be opening up their doors, windows and gates to let in the fresh air. Many will be prompted to throw away old documentation and folders and to dispose of items that are no longer required. Separating ourselves from unwanted objects creates a sense of freedom which releases positive energies.
We know that the appearance of our office or workshop reflects the level of professionalism to which we aspire. Modern organisational experts also agree that aesthetic clarity and tidiness bring relief and enable us to work in a focused way. As far as we are concerned, it’s crystal clear!


*wolftechnik specializes in the separation of solid and fluid substances. Under the topic „Separation Rumours“, we will provide you with entertaining and informative news, common lore and sometimes freely invented separation rumours – not only from wolftechnik.

Industry 4.0 - Networked filter technology for the future

Networked filter technology for the future. The Wolftechnik IT-concept of smart filter.

With the support of Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenz-zentrum Stuttgart, a centre dedicated to supporting SMEs, Wolftechnik has developed a new, intelligent filter system. The smart filter monitors its operating parameters and is therefore able to detect problems in the process at an early stage, and to schedule services as the need arises. This reduces the number of unscheduled production disruptions and helps minimise the costs for filter cartridge stocking. The smart filter will be officially launched at the European Coatings Show 2019 in Nuremberg. …[read more]

LQ Serie s

LQ-series: New liquid cooling options

These easy-to-connect, robust, non-spill connectors are known for their reliability in high performance computing, data center applications and other critical thermal Management applications. All LQ Series QDs—LQ2, LQ4 and LQ6—also offer unique swivel configurations and an integrated thumb latch for easy, one-handed operation. …[read more]

01WTAF Cartridge filter housing

With twice the pressure into the new year

Our 01WTAF Cartridge filter housing with v-clamp fastening made of stainless steel manufactured to accept a single filter cartridge with double o-ring 222 and a flat end cap (code 0) or double open end ( DOE ) now are available for operating pressure up to 20 bar. With this we expand the range of application from 10 bar to 20 bar by twice. You receive added value, we keep the price! …[read more]

European Coatings Show 2019

We will be at the ECS (European Coatings Show) in Nuremberg from 19 to 21 March 2019.
As ever, free entrance tickets are available via our homepage. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We would also be delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you in person at the ECS.

We will gladly answer your questions from Monday – Friday 7.30 a.m. – 17.00 p.m.
+49 (0) 70 33-70 14-0

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