We are Wolftechnik

At Wolftechnik, everything revolves around products for separating solids from liquids, with everything from water to viscous adhesives being represented here. Since 1966, we have been developing innovative filter systems that are valued internationally and used in a number of industries.

Food & beverages, chemicals, paints & cosmetics, medical & analytics, water & purification or electronics & optics, all rely on the performance of Wolftechnik filter systems. We design the individual pressure vessels in which the filter systems operate, select the filter elements and also supply the suitable connections for the pipelines such as fittings, valves and measurement technology.

We are your partner for economical filtration!

It´s crystal clear!

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Movies instead of fairs!

We have cancelled all fairs, also for 2022. Instead, we have invested in a movie studio and produced our product movies for you. You can now see our range of products in moving pictures.